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Miu Narumi is a beautiful woman, she has an extremely lustful face and a white body that makes so many men desire her. The couple had a happy love life until one day, because he had to fuck his wife every night, the husband suffered from erectile dysfunction and could not have an erection. Actually, the feeling of watching my wife fondle and tease me but not being able to fuck me is very frustrating. Because he knew he couldn't fuck him, he bought his wife a sextoy, but that still couldn't fill Narumi's watery hole. And then by chance the husband met a shipper who looked tall and strong, so the husband asked the shipper to help his wife cheat on him.

SAN-020 Confide in your colleague's wife

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 Movie Code: SAN-020 

 Movie Studio: Mother 

 Actor: Miu Narumi Momoka Tachibana 

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